The ‘Matternet’: Drones as Infrastructure

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This TED Talk explores the use of drones to transport medical supplies and tests in regions where there is a lack of usable transportation options, creating a network of autonomous delivery vehicles connected in the same way as data (and voice) in Africa went to wireless, never having established a system of copper.

The question I would pose is if this would take human participation out of transportation to the point that the future holds us motionless, connected not by travel but fiber optics and lanes of floating cargo boxes. Will it connect us or isolate us? Perhaps, like the Internet, the answer is both.

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1 comment for “The ‘Matternet’: Drones as Infrastructure

  1. 4 December, 2013 at 10:12 PM

    I must say that the question which your article raises is a very appropriate one and that provides another dimension to this discussion. I agree, with your point that like any other new technologies, this may also have its’ good and bad side (by bad side, I’m not referring the battlefield), but isn’t that obvious for any new invention?
    I believe, the only way we live with everything around us is by measuring the amount of good and bad effects is may have on us and if the good beats the bad, we consider it friend. Isn’t it?

    The article was short yet powerful. Thanks for sharing this… 🙂

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