About cRc

considerReconsider, originally titled “Think, Think Again” started as a collection of Ken Stuczynski’s articles, essays, and to a lesser extent, rhetorical rants.  One of Ken’s posts, new or republished from other sources, comes out each Thursday.  Over time, additional contributors have been added, creating regular postings such as “Barry Fagin Monday” and occasional articles on “Wild-card Wednesday” and “Follow-Up Friday”.

The common thread of most of the content is the encouragement of people to overcome the inertia of common opinions and think for themselves.   We help people consider approaches to subjects they probably haven’t heard before — even blasphemous at time —  or at least reconsider old issues from novel viewpoints.  It is about uncommon knowledge and striving for enlightening context to old facts and figures.  Our goal is not to convert, or merely agree or disagree, but to expand dialogue, bring out unexamined implications, and uncover the differing unspoken premises that hinge the contradictions of disparate ideologies.

We are always looking to accept and share more content, and solicit such writers when possible to become regular contributors.  We welcome any and all feedback, especially rebuttals and challenges on any positions and facts presented here.  Just please note that the opinions and positions presented here by a contributing author do not necessarily represent the owner or any other author on this blog.