Consider, Reconsider

A Reason to Think, and Think Again

The Implications of Being Anti-Education

We regularly see sentiments pitting the Trades against the Professions, as much as reasonable people recognize they are both indispensable parts of the same body. Some memes are outright mean, while others are simply calls to de-normalize parents' and individuals'...

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Behold the 12%

In a recent survey, 12% of respondents supported storming the Capitol on January 6th. We should be grateful the number is this low, with all the intentional polarization we're struggling beneath these days. And it confirms my own estimates. From years of studying...

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President and Press

There has been an oft-repeated claim that President Trump has been hounded by the press from day one. That's a subjective statement I don't think is worth disagreeing with. But let's recognize it an apologetic attempt to explain why so many don't see the glory of his...

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Time For a New Political Party

{Reprint of an editorial by Bruce E. Kenney, used with permission. Was published in the Olean Times, December 26.2020} To Rep. Tom Reed, in the late 1980s, as a Democrat, I ran against state Sen. Jess Present. I was unsuccessful, but during the campaign and after, I...

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Indictment of a Figurehead

So many times these last three years I waited for uniting, encouraging words over tragedies and challenges, not unmeasured rallying. Deaths of respected leaders used to be mourned, putting aside political differences for the healing of a nation. When challenged or...

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Do you expect a peaceful election aftermath?

  • No, regardless of outcome (100%, 4 Votes)
  • Yes, overall. (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Not if Trump wins (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Not if Trump loses (0%, 0 Votes)

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Culture War? We Need To Do Better.

{by Ryan S. Bonnett, reposted with permission from Facebook} I'd say that I need a break from politics, but that wouldn't be entirely true. Politics is the back and forth negotiation where our representatives ostensibly negotiate on our behalf, mixed with the direct...

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Pulling the Fire Alarm in America

I have studied the psychosocial phenomenon of brainwashing for many years, and it is a blood cousin to something I also research and write about -- ideological fanaticism. It took a while to see the pattern before me in our own nation, but now that I do, it's...

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A Moral Lens on Protests and Reform

TEACHERS. LAWYERS. MOTHERS. JOURNALISTS. MEDICS. VETERANS.   The equivalent of Federal SWAT teams have been tear-gassing and "arresting" them, even breaking international standards for WAR by destroying medical supplies used to combat their unlawful use of chemical...

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A Badge-Bully’s Bill of Rights

In what is possibly the most counter-productive proposal under a head-shaking euphemism of police "reform", a county Sherriff is urging lawmakers to double down on the very things people are trying to fix. Instead of listening to the community to understand why law...

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Our Unrealistic Expectations of Police

Someone asked what would have happened on 9-11 if the police had been "defunded". The assumption is a worse disaster, and they may be right. There were a number of heroes in blue that fateful day in Manhattan when the towers were hit, and we should be grateful for...

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Whose Lives Matter, Again?

When the "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) movement started in 2013, there were conflicting reactions, especially among the "White" community. There were some negative views based on the perception of the group that started it. The message was pointed, as could be expected....

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Born Into, Not Earned

{Facebook post by Sarah Bonse reprinted here with permission.} I was born into a world I did not "earn". Born to parents who have navigated their own worlds and struggles to bring me into my own. From birth I have enjoyed privileges so freely given, they seemed...

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Protests: The Good Cop’s Salvation

If you learn anything from Gandhi and Dr. King, et alia, it's that the power of peaceful protest is to demoralize those who are doing violence against them. Only the most psychopathic souls can keep abusing people day after day, even if they are ordered to and have...

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No Justification for Harm

If someone is hurt in the course of police action, it's not always the police's fault. But when it is, making it about the rap sheet of the victim or what they may have done to not comply or "provoke" law enforcement is irrelevant. The Police hold the badges and guns....

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I Thought I Was the Freedom Fighter

I grew to believe over my lifetime, that as Americans, our liberties have been chipped away at for generations and I often felt I was the rare crackpot that noticed or cared. There are countless laws and permits for every occasion, and I've written and spoken out on...

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