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{From October 2005}

I just read an interesting passage near the beginning of a chi kung book by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, Qigong, The Secret of Youth that posited an interesting thought. Throughout time people found spiritual meaning through religion, but now people search for spirituality outside of religion because religion has not kept up to the scientific approach of judging the validity and usefulness of concepts.

I can’t say that religion SHOULD be scientific, but I understand what he means. And his angst about religions building walls, especially between cultures, is preaching to the choir from where I stand.

So is the popularity of secularism really because it is some an “enlightenment” of rational thought and science, or is it simply growing in its usefulness because of the failings of traditional religion?

Dr. Yang believes a revolution must occur in what he calls “spiritual science” (a concept that doesn’t make sense to most Westerners, but there is such a thing) where religions all get together and share, bringing about a new revolution where religion again plays the main role in spirituality.

However, I could care less if our spirituality is secular or religious, and think that the religions of the world has as much to learn from secularism as from each other.

Side Note: That’s why my inter-faith ministry will not be limited to what people would call “religious beliefs”, but will recognize the legitimate truths found outside of theistic belief. Some will be offended, but MY God is bigger than the idea of any god. But that’s for another topic of discussion.