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In the “I was right again” category, I expected there to be some motivation behind the new lightbul bans other than eonvironmental concern.

A recent article states, “The lighting industry largely backed a 2007 move to phase out incandescent light bulbs.”  More specifically, “General Electric (GE) and Royal Philips Electronics (PHG), two of the biggest light bulb producers, helped Congress develop the de facto incandescent ban.”

Simply put, it is another example of using government to control the market, break consumer choice, and line the pockets of the companies that virtually write laws that they are prepared for and their competitors aren’t.  For a more detailed explanation of this concept, I refer you to an earlier article of mine.

This is no different than the recent health care “reform” bill being written by a conference of HMOs.

Nearly every “good idea” brought to you by Congress is a euphamism slanted to benefit special interests.  The ploy?  The public tenor of the legislation centers on a few token bread crumbs for the needy or environment.  This is to make it look like social injustice if threatened to be repealed.