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I just read an article by my cousin, Dr. Frank Pasquale III, “The Conservatism of Occupy Wall Street“.  It has caused me to reevaluate some of my assumptions and shift my perspective of the movement as a more leftist pursuit toa more broad-spectrum or centrist one.

I still think there are endemic problems with the movement strategically, but now feel I’m much more on their side ideologically, sans the sometimes present Marxist undertones which I now think are not representative of the movement overall.  Maybe I’ll even buy them a pizza.

Again, here is the link:

Side note: Apparently, the local (Buffalo, NY) group marched to the police station, holding up “Thank You” signs because of the amicability between the protestors and local government and law enforcement.  That’s the kind of world I want to live in!  But it’s still strange to see a tent city in a city square (a traffic circle no less).  It makes me wonder if I can tell my wife I want to go camping and then set up camp on the county court building’s front lawn.