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You see this often in discussions, political discussions. Someone who has serious issues with a politician will make the claim that “Anyone is better than” -insert name here-. I’m sure I’m guilty of using this claim myself. Recently here that came up in a discussion again, with someone saying ‘anyone’ is better than Obama as US President. The problem is, when you claim ‘anyone’, you can get ‘anyone’.

Someone once said the best thing about the US is that ‘anyone can become President’. They followed it up with the worst thing is that ‘anyone can become President’. I think this is true.

To understand why ‘anyone’ is bad, you have to understand who ‘anyone’ is.

‘Anyone would be better as president than Obama/Bush/Clinton/etc’.

Really? Just anyone?

Osama bin Laden would be better as US president?

“Oh now Bob, that’s being ridiculous. You know I didn’t mean Osama.”

Yes you did. You said “Anyone” and he fits the definition of ‘anyone’.

“But he’s dead”

You didn’t say “anyone alive”, you said “anyone”.

“But he’s not eligible.”

You didn’t say “anyone eligible” you said “anyone”.

Ok, fine. Anyone alive and eligible would be better than Obama.

Ok. Eligible limits the pool to Natural Born US Citizens.
This eliminates immigrants, illegals, foreigners and my fattest house cat.

So, Oprah Windfrey would be a better President than Barrack Obama.
Howard Stern would be a better US President…..
Jim Kelly (former Buffalo Bills QB)
Betty White.
Sean Penn.
Jeb Bush.
Billy Carter.
Carl Palidino. (ran for NY gov)
George Takai.

All of them are in the ‘anybody’ pool. All are AFAIK eligible.
I however don’t think -any- of them have the experience, the qualities, the presence to BE President.

Now personally, I don’t think Obama is presidential material. I felt the same way about Bush (both of them), and Clinton (both of them).
But, most of the options presented, are not better. At best they are ‘as good’ or ‘as bad’.

This is why before making an assinine generalization such as ‘anyone’, you better know what you are really talking about.

Because ‘anyone’ can make a statement.