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In an article by business professor John H. Cochrane, “What to Do on the Day after ObamaCare“, we find confirmation of so many things I’ve written here before that I will let his article speak for me as this week’s article, only adding a few of my own related thoughts.

The points he iterates come down to my own conclusion: the current health care “reform” does NOT address the real problems in the system, and will only makes things works (if it even passes constitutional muster).

Furthermore, he correctly and unarguably identifies many specific REGULATORY issues as the cause of all the biggest issues, where laws are used to destroy competition and replace a free market for providers and consumers with government-sanctioned greed and control.

At this point, i cannot remain silent.  This is the first time in my life I utterly dread the government’s unwanted and inescapable presence in my life.  I can only hope it will be struck down — vindicating the so-called “obstructionists” and those who saw the wisdom in scrapping the HMO-written bill and starting over to make a law that actually does what it pretends to do.  If not, I will likely be forced to purchase insurance I do not want or currently need at a cost that may jeopordize my family’s ability to keep our house.  (And if insurance was truly collective bargaining and buying — something discussed by the professor — there would not be so much resistance on my part and the part of others because the price would reflect costs and market conditions.  But that is not the case in real life — only in the imaginings of those who support the bill and somehow cannot discern the difference between health care and health insurance.)

But my potential personal dilemna brings me to another point I’ve made time and again — it is the force of law via big government that has polarized the household incomes of America, by which the continued agendas of corporatism are being fulfilled.  And this will become more so than ever in 2014, if and when “Obamacare” becomes an enforceable decree, in which case I and millions of others will hopefully not accept quietly.