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I’d say this is an upcoming yet fringe topic. And then I’d recall all the hours I played Deus Ex. Then I’d recall the movie I starred in that dealt with a post-net future with cyborgs and non-cyborgs trying to find their collective peace in building a new world.  And the medical advances for some of this have already been here for some time.

The issues are complex, but this article (video) covers so may of these points.

And here’s an excerpt from UCF: Abstract Messiah that might be the sort of conversation common to a not-implausible future.  One of the main protagonists is debating what to do about his daughter, growing into a world where the modified are either vilified and the unmodified may fall behind.

Jasmine’s coming close to the age when we need to decide if she should… have an cybernetic interface. As she gets older it will only be more and more difficult. But…We argue about it, Joanne and me. She doesn’t understand me…

I mean… she doesn’t understand the job, like you do. What we see people do to each other. And Jasmine… she’s not stupid. She’s been asking why her grandparents never come visit when I’m around…

I want the best for her. I want her to dream. I want her to succeed in this world… But we don’t even know where this world is going. I don’t know what her future will be like. I don’t want the world to hate her.

Will our great-grandchildren have this talk about their own kids?  Or will our own children have to deal with it a few short years from now?