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{A Friday Follow-up to the “99 Weeks of Jobs on the Wall” article}

My father always says, “Statistics don’t lie, but liars love statistics”.  CNN among other media outlets recently proclaimed Obama a “job creator” for there being 194,000 more jobs now than when he took office.  Never mind that the president can’t be blamed or praised for such a thing any more than the price of oil.  A closer examination shows this to be a farce on other grounds.

First, there’s plenty of examples, including [[Wal-Mart]], where employers across the country are replacing or phasing out full-time workers in favor of part-time workers.  Thanks goes to  [[Obamacare]] for that, where pending requirements will make it damn near impossible for many real job creators to expand or even keep their current workers.

Secondly, the population of the Unites States increased by over 8 million people in that same period.  Sure, many are ineligible to work due to age or health issues, but even the very existence of these people create a need with the rest of the new population for more goods and services.  Lack of consumers cannot be used as an excuse for fewer jobs.  Basically this means that the number of new jobs is about 1/10th the increase in population.

How is this something to brag about?