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Sheriff [[Joe Arpaio]] used to be famous for his unique approaches to law enforcement and correctional rehabilitation in his home state of Arizona.  Now he is a national figure on contention, playing detective with our president’s citizenship status.  I really have to wonder if he’s just attention seeking or ripe for a forced retirement.

It’s not that we shouldn’t investigate things of such importance, but why is a local public figure is taking on the air of a federal investigator, prosecutor, judge and jury all rolled into one?  To fill the desperate [[birther]] niche for a hero who can re-stoke the cause from the ashes of repeated embarrassment?  If so, he’s failing miserably, calling sensational press conferences every so often to tell us what he found — which is consistently nothing more than heightened doubts and not a shred of evidence or reason to be presented.  He keeps saying he’s made earth-shattering finds, but wont (or can’t) tell us what’s behind curtain number one.  Last I checked, saying you found something without saying what it is (beyond vague notions of “it’s sumthin” or not finding “nuthin” is suspicious in itself ) doesn’t get you a podium and a microphone — unless you’re Joe Arpaio, apparently.

So for this week’s Friday Follow-up, in honor of those seeking truth, I bring you a link and a video.  This link is an editorial on the debacle and demise of the issue on talk shows, where Rush Limbaugh wisely strays and stays out of the quagmire that others sunk into.

And now for our feature presentation …

(The whole channel and parts can be found HERE.)