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The guest info-graphic (thumb-nailed) represents where we are, state-by-state, om Same-Sex marriage and civil unions, as well as the positions of prominent politicians and representatives of religious beliefs.

Does Obama support same-sex marriage? What about Governor Romney? Are the two opponents simply using the issue to gain votes in the November 2012 election? Voters everywhere are asking themselves similar questions and will consider the answers when they soon cast their ballots.

It’s not just the presidential nominees that are talking about same-sex marriage, either. Plenty of religious figures and even celebrities have weighed in the issue, which is proving to be as contentious as ever. The topic of homosexual marriage is quickly becoming one that you should never talk about at the dinner table, lest you wind up insulting your friends or family unknowingly.

As laws change to allow same-sex marriage and then change back again, gays and lesbians are left wondering whether they’re ever be able to marry the people that they love, while opponents of same-sex marriage vehemently argue that marriage is an institution between one man and one woman, and should always remain that way.

Source: Marriage and Family Counseling Degrees