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The most important thing to know about the first presidential debate of 2012 is that if you missed it, life goes on.  The only even remotely worthy candidates either lost in the primary or weren’t invited.  (For example, [[Gary Johnson]] had every right and reason to be there.)

And since I knew I couldn’t get those minutes  of my life back, I didn’t bother watching.  In fact, I made a point to avoid it altogether.  Instead I decided to follow the research methods of my Facebook brethren and get the most salient and pertinent points from YouTube.

Apparently Obama can claim successes, but not very powerfully.  In fact, the small number of backup dancers was embarrassing.

Romney, on the other hand, pulled out all the stops and played the personality card strongly, albeit to a select crowd of about 53% of his audience.

So now all I can do is give you what was missing. Here is the full debate with the questions and answers given by Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson: