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I originally posted this rant on MartialTalk last year. The continued insanity over President Obama’s birth certificate is one of those ‘give it a rest already’ dead horse topics, yet like a zombie in a bad B movie it just won’t stay dead. Enjoy
The continuing ranting about Obama’s place of birth reminds me of an old Robin Williams routine, the majority of which is lost in the fog of my head, but the punch line, an angry Scott demanding to know where someone was born sticks out.We now have “The Donald” joining the chorus of voices demanding to see proof, Hawaii passing laws to ok ignoring requests, conspiracy sites and nuts crawling around the web like spiders seeking prey, and even some respectable news sources joining the fray.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter. No, really. The election was in 2008. Obama took office shortly there after. His signature is on a large number of bills, motions, and laws. What would change if the smoking gun proof suddenly showed up and showed that he’s really “Barack el-Obama”, son of the morning light and vice president of the Sudanese PETA branch?


ok, sure maybe he’d get a trial, a fine, even some jail time.

But then we’d have Joe Biden as President. Unless you deem that to invalidate the entire election. Which means what? McCain gets new biz cards? Pelosi takes command? Who’d fill the roll until 2012?

Can we have a ‘special election’ for the highest office in the US?

And…what of all those laws and organizations he signed into existence or extended?

Would the infamous ObamaCare package just be automatically negated? Would the DHS suddenly be dissolved? Would the Patriot Act be null and void?

Would gas prices suddenly drop to $1 a gallon?

You can argue that it would change things, but the reality is, little would change, other than who signs the junk Congress keeps passing.

A figurehead, a rallying point, a motivator, these are what the President is.

A miracle worker, he ain’t.

Yes, it would be nice if the man would step forth, go on national tv and answer the question. It’d also be nice if he could do it with out a teleprompter, and maybe in a Chicago Bulls jersey.

But lacking that, this has to do.…n_the_usa.html

Beyond that, it’s all tin foil and illusion, and a distraction from much more important matters. But then again, that’s the point of it all, to distract us.

Because we love being distracted by pointless crap.

Health care repair? The economy? Rising food costs? Border security? TSA abuses? Gouging at the pump because of speculators?


Where were ye born boy?

Wheeere weere ya bourne?!?!