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Is the “self” as we know it gone, where digital needs are as strong as physical ones? This amazing TED Talk brings out profound observations and implications of technology in our lives, socially and psychologically. With gem after gem of insightful phrases, one point reminded me of my own journey with garlic and a grandfather figure.


By archiving everything, we think that we can store it, but time is not data.

[The] Internet … archives, and it warps the past. With no distinction left between the past, the present and the future, and the here or there, we are left with this moment everywhere, this … digital now.

At all times, I can operate at a different rhythm and pace from you, while I sustain the illusion that I’m tapped into you in real time.

Travel can be liberating, but when it is incessant, we become permanent exiles without repose. Choice is freedom, but not when it’s constantly for its own sake.

For us as individuals who live in the digital now and spend most of our waking moments in it, the challenge is to live in two streams of time that are parallel and almost simultaneous.