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This isn’t about Syria anymore. We have a bigger problem coming into focus.

I’m not so concerned about what our President plans to do as much as he apparently doesn’t have a clue what to do. He’s as erratic as a mental patient and it’s anyone’s guess what his supposed strategy is, as if one can even been drawn at this point into a cohesive narrative without a litany of rationalized assumptions any of it was intentional.

No, it’s not just me. Throughout this crisis, leaders and media outlets around the world have been scratching their heads, even ridiculing us for stumbling through threats and reversals.

Seriously. He decides to strike, then decides to get the consent of the people and their representatives, threatening to do it anyway. He implies it’s urgent, then decides that diplomacy should be tried after the Administration already said those options have been exhausted (without proof they ever occurred). Then Putin makes a deal that Assad bows to (at least in appearance) after giving the middle finger to America. And now somehow this is being played as Obama’s purposeful achievement instead of just letting himself and America be dissed on a global scale as inept and irrelevant diplomatically?

I think at this point it is safe to say this is a comedy routine, if it were not for the fact that no matter what he does, it’s defended by people who just moments earlier were defending a completely different course of action, contrasting him to Bush to boot for further fantastical rhetoric. And the widespread lack of confidence in him, even in his own party, must be because he’s black, since that’s what every talking head or armchair politician feels they must add to the conversation about the motivations of those with heads not encased in their own intestines.

To be clear here, I’m not criticizing any of the President’s plans or intentions. I just wish he’d be consistent instead of so obviously bold without foresight then reactionary to every backlash. He has no plan and it’s painfully obvious unless you do logical back-flips to excuse it as the public just not knowing the behind-the-scenes details — which is also a responsibility if that is the case, and the whole point of leadership is to APPEAR like there’s a sane position even when there is not instead of the other way around. 

I’ve never felt like it’s amateur night in Washington in my lifetime as much as right now.

Rant finished. Thanks for watching.

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