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Not as festive as it could be. Maybe brighter colors would break the separation of church and state.

A rerun of Thanksgiving, Michelle Obama is urging people to use Christmas Dinner as the place and time to “educate” relatives on the virtues of [[Obamacare]]. A rerun of Thanksgiving counter-measure “survival tips“, conservatives from FreedomWorks are telling us, “If you want to tell them why liberalism doesn’t work this Christmas, enroll in FreedomWorks University.” You know, because the merits and pitfalls of Keynesian economics versus the Austrian School is right up there in seasonal importance with milk and cookies left for Santa.


Really? Holiday political combat instead of football and snowball fights?

Sometimes when opportunity knocks, it’s more like an unwanted salesman. Don’t be that guy. Whatever you think Uncle Sam is stuffing in your stocking — treats or coal — it can wait until [[Boxing Day]] to sort out.