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I’ve decided to promote the a new concept, one that will change the world forever. In fact, it’s so advanced, it has no specific web address — it transcends the Internet itself.

I’m calling it, “Real Life”.

It’s the biggest crowdsourced and crowdfunded project ever conceived, using globally distributed resources. In many cases, communication within the system can be so direct, it amazingly doesn’t require software and may bypass hardware altogether. It’s the [[Internet of Things]] without the Internet, or it’s inherent limitations of technology infrastructure.

I was inspired by ancient societies, who apparently achieved this level of interactive sophistication early in human history. In fact, the reason so little was written about it was because it was a ubiquitous given.

Now I know what you may be thinking. Some may consider this too much trouble to shift paradigms, or even call it a downgrade for humanity. But the most amazing thing is that it’s not an either/or proposition — Real Life can work concurrently with ANY technology. It’s platform agnostic. Heck, it can run with or without a platform at all! The only conflicts that can occur are when the other systems take up too much personal resources.

The superiority lies in the fact that current processes can’t reach their full potential without Real Life, where Real Life can reach its full potential without any particular system. It could become — as our distant ancestors surmised — the core process by which people live and work.