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Anti-gun arguments can no longer be ignored.  But before we tackle something so dear to red states and protected by an archaic parchment from a time before drone strikes, let’s use this same compassionate rationale to tackle a statistically greater, more immediate problem that threatens nearly everyone in America every day.


Hospital-related infections are the 6th leading cause of deaths in America.  The estimate is that roughly “two million people in the US alone are inflicted with hospital acquired infections, out of which 100,000 meet certain death.” Actually, the number is even higher if you look at more current research by the [[Office of the Inspector General]] as reported by the New York Times.

Do medical background checks on potential patients to exclude those at higher risk of infection? Such a thing affects the safety of us all. Some might even suggest we ban hospitals altogether, or at least those made to keep people longer than a few days.

Such goes the bulk of the anti-gun arguments. When applied elsewhere, the folly becomes evident. The same with death tolls when compared to say, car accidents, or pool drownings.

I have yet to hear bullet-proof rebuttals of such comparisons. Instead, the heart of the matter is exposed — some people just can’t see a gun or gun owner and see a vital tool for a peaceable, protected citizen. They are evil — they know it in their gut and can’t shake it. To admit otherwise is just not within their reach.

Then again, many of us have a fear of hospitals …

{Extended from notes in 2012}