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I’m not trying to direct the blast of this at the person who said it, but I am really tired of the pretentious smugness in assumptions of having a natural upper hand on knowledge or morality because of their ideological associations. That’s why some bumper-sticker slogans really irk me, knowing that some actually mean it seriously.

For example, if “facts have a Liberal bias”, I would be a liberal. If facts have a Conservative bias, I would be conservative. That is why I can be seen as liberal on some points and conservative on others, but am rarely long in either camp — because I am damn good at using this little thing called “reason”, that tool which demands consideration of all possible positions on their own merit and a hesitation to accept what is presented at face value.

Additionally, I am tired of correctly guessing the average person’s view on any issue, and knowing every argument they will give before they give it based on their party affiliation, and is another reason the democratic process fails.