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{Originally drafted in 2012, the people have just spoken in midterm elections, consciously or not in the eventual realization that the economic story they believe is wrong.}

Could the Obama years have been a small recession? I must wonder — and offer an interpretation alternative to the popular narrative. How did the government respond post 9-11 and recover versus how we responded with liberal policies and tanked in 2008, first with the bailout and then the “stimulus”?

I say if you look close enough at the data, you will see that the bailouts enabled banks to consolidate smaller banks, and was in no way was caused by the mortgage bubble. Then manufacturers reported bad numbers to receive bailouts many did not even need just to get a piece of the pie. I could go on and on, including how unemployment extensions dragged out unemployment far more than necessary. For every person truly looking or a job, I know someone who went on Obama’s “99 week vacation” just because they could.

But let’s backtrack to 2007, before the last election. I saw companies across the board laying off employees and contractors in ANTICIPATION of a recession that was fabricated as fact by the media and DNC campaigners several quarters before it actually happened. It was a self-fulfilling prophesy. The press and DNC (to give excuse to voting for non-incumbents, namely them) LOBBIED hard for a full-blown recession.

So everything that happened was predictable — and predicted by many including myself.

In fact, I even see a whitewashing of the current deficit, and thereby a deficit of common sense. I’ve seen graphs “proving” the bulk of debts were incurred under past presidents, and they are hogwash. They add in factors of interest that skew the weight of past debts so that the opposite of the real numbers of debt look true. But back to our recent economic history …

People still insist that this crisis was more extreme in cause than in 2001. And of course read the timeline as starting “under Bush” so as to jeep the mantra of “Bush’s fault” raging on ad infinitum. I challenge those assertions head on.

Why should Lehman Brothers, a single company, bring the entire economy into question? It DIDN’T. Even with mortgage crisis looming, they were talking about potential spillover into consumer debt and other banking circles when they were unrelated or insulated from them. It was psychological. And that is why I make what some may say is an extreme statement until honest examination:

The press and DNC propaganda over a period of nearly a year destroyed the economy.

How is that possible? The same way 9/11 was much worse than it should have been — consumer confidence. In 2008, we had a crisis of investments, which are based on perceived value. After 9/11, people and companies were afraid to spend money across the board in fear of austerity the likes we hadn’t seen since WWII, and in all industries and sectors. THIS was a REAL blow to the economy, not just part of it. It wasn’t just an “incident” but a general economic panic. And, like predictable clockwork, businesses started spending money across the board mere weeks after the first tax “rebate” — I predicted and saw this in action firsthand.

In 2008, the less dominant of the two parties at the time were banking on how bad the economy could appear to affect a shift in power from the dominant party. And you couldn’t turn on the TV without hearing about “the recession” that according to basic definition did not even exist until two quarters later. Pre-emptive layoffs and slowing of business spending made it a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The Democrats got what they wanted, and a bonus — no matter how much they bungled any chance at recovery, they could blame the last fellow. It’s an old trick, and a dirty one at that.

Putting politics and selling news above citizens and prosperity was bad enough, but the final blows were putting into power people who instituted failed economic policies across the board, based on failed economic ideologies. One could almost say the Left campaigned for the Recession and then kept on doing so without the sense to realize it, simply by being utterly ignorant of the causes and the poisonousness of their cures.