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{Posted on Facebook, 27 July 2016}

I’m tired of people thinking the Electoral College is the problem. The people are the problem and the Electoral College is a small measure meant to protect us from our collective selves.

Think about it.

Regardless of what side you pledge allegiance to, we elected Bush AND Obama TWICE. We yelp about term limits when, if we were capable of good judgment, there would be no career politicians in the first place. And now people are content to argue over which candidate is worse, rationalizing away the inadequacies and outright sins of two individuals who are at the very bottom of the integrity dumpster.

Want more proof?

Campaign experts KNOW that they can count on a high percentage of people to vote a certain way because of their affiliation, race, gender, and perhaps worst of all have accurate equations that correlate votes by dollars spent.

With such determinism so overshadowing reason and free will, the democratic process is a CRIME. It’s the reason fascism and dictators rise to power — the inability for us to clean our own house from the People upward instead of from the top down. Instead we “elect” people to think and act for us with no honest concern for who they are, and judge them on how well they pander to our pet issues and fears.

Of course, this will not come to a good end, no matter who is elected, because of exactly this. There is no other issue so important and we are incapable of reforming it because so few even acknowledge it.

Sometimes I think it’s inevitable and nothing this minority say will change the outcome. It is perhaps only conscience that sways me from the sin of omission that is silence. Like always, future generations will point to those of us who see what is going on and say, “They KNEW. Why didn’t they do something about it?”