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I get that most people don’t have in-depth knowledge of geopolitics or can make connections across multiple sources of information, but why can’t the press at least TRY?

For me, I feel most of the time that I’m watching a game and the commentators only talk about the drama on the sidelines. People are making firestorms out of molehills and missing the real action most of the time. It’s frustrating.

Why did Russia invade Crimea? So obvious if you know basic historical Russian strategy but no one mentioned it once during the whole invasion. Three words: Warm Water Port. But people were too busy talking about all sorts of pretenses as if they were real.

Why do birthers care about where Obama was born but nobody mentions his father was a polygamist (not that I care, but it’s a real fact over a weak conspiracy). Better yet, forget his father’s “Marxist” connections. His mother is the real key to a whole other world of interesting connections that nobody seems to even be aware of. As often happens, the conspiracists could have a field day with solid facts, but would rather spin their wheels in the wrong direction.

And as bad as the stuff we DO know about the Clintons, the truly insane international dealings are reported (if at all) in small print on the last page of any paper in the middle of the week. We should be talking about 30 years of back-door Uranium deals and connections in Canada far more than things like pneumonia and fortunes over speeches (that she probably never even actually gave).

Then again, we couldn’t even connect the dots over China being inexplicably rewarded Primary Trade Partner Status by presidential edict right after they oddly took the blame over “stolen” missile delivery technology secrets. It’s obvious whose skin was saved and one hand washed the other on a treasonous, global scale. But none of this was reported in context, so we kept our focus on partisan bickering over oral sex in the oval office instead.

And it took years for people to realize that Darth Cheney was the ultimate profiteer of war and death behind the Bush administration. No, we were too busy thinking it was just over oil, or terrorism. And let’s forget that Hussein sold his weapons of mass destruction THAT DID EXIST to Syria (that we see used today, as expected by some of us). And as far as WMD destruction verification and compliance was concerned, we actually did have reason to believe he still had them. In fact, from military chatter during our invasion, it appears he himself may have actually believed his country still had some. But Bush was a “liar”, and so the pressure was off the real war criminal. Whatever.

I just have to shake my head. We plaster everywhere the distraction, the tempest in a teapot, but the truth is sometimes vastly worse than even critics can hope for but just don’t catch … or care to for some other reason I can’t yet figure.