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There are many authentic conspiracies, and many we don’t even know about. The problem is that thanks to the Internet there are a THOUSAND TIMES more fake ones, and their prevalence is based on psychological stickiness, not fact. The real ones probably won’t even be shared on your wall.

Maybe you find yourself believing more than one or two of the common ones, or have personal certainty the ones you cling to are so true you believe everyone else isn’t thinking for themselves — they drank the kool-aid of the mainstream media agenda-rulers, etc.. In this case, you are, well … a nut job. You mixed and drank your own kool-aid because that’s just what you do.

It doesn’t make you a bad person, or stupid, or gullible in the ordinary sense. It just means you are probably in the top 15% of suggestible persons, and have not enough ability to discern without prejudice. It makes you so open-minded you will believe anything, but closed-minded enough to be helplessly doomed to insist on a belief once it sets in.

Sometimes the fanaticism of it wears off, or you become so disillusioned you flip the switch and become obsesses with an opposite belief. But no matter what the truth is, the problem is all in your head. If you are right, it’s sheer luck, and the more quackery you swallow and parrot, the less likely you are right about anything.

You’re “that guy” in other people’s conversations, even if you are nice about it. If you aren’t, it’s probably because you are filled with disdain for anyone who doesn’t agree with you in not just plausibility, but does not share your equal certainty. You bet everything you will be laughing in the end, and lose every time. You won’t admit you were wrong even upon reaching the grave.

There isn’t a cure I know of for this. Training in introspection? Studies or reviews in objectivity and logic? A family intervention? These don’t cross your mind or will probably be rejected out of hand. But it’s not your fault — you’re being mind-controlled and the tin foil is too thin.