The Palestinian Question

Interview with Sociologist Eva Illouz about Gaza and Israeli Society – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Here is a personal testimony of the journey of an Israeli soldier from ignorance to activism. And this is but one among MANY, and there is an entire organization devoted to it called “Break the Silence“.

This is a much more animated approach to the issue with the personal context of being labeled a “Self-hating Jew”. Carey Wedler has a series of videos on YouTube focused on anti-statism that are worth watching.

The following is perhaps the best video on the subject I have found, which includes the deeply theological reasons America supports Israel.

Israel’s plan:

Hasbara: The Vital Justification

(1) It is very important in the justification of Israel’s existence that the land before it was desolate and its people squatters. This is the unexamined mantra. And it’s so totally false that there’s no way to not call it a lie.