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Dear Christians,

There are conservatively 12 other holidays this month. When I say “Happy Holidays”, I am not trying to be ‘politically correct’, but respectful and polite to everyone. You do not hold some special standing that makes yours somehow better than the others, sorry. So stop being so arrogant and getting all butt hurt when some cashier says it. If you wish me a “Merry Christmas”, it’s appreciated, and I may reply in kind, or use “Happy Holidays”. It’s not a slight, it’s not an attack, it’s just being polite. Getting bent out of shape over how someone greets you is dumb, and this time of year I think especially misses the point. So, have some hot cocoa, enjoy the time with family, and have a good one eh?

Dear Pagans,

Stop being arrogant pricks when someone tries to be polite and wishes you a “Merry Christmas”. You don’t need to correct them 20 times over. You don’t need to rattle off the 15+ cultures and faiths that have been absorbed, adopted and usurped. You don’t need to spout off how you’re not Christian when the person who greeted you with “Merry Christmas” was just trying to be polite. Don’t be an ass, just say ‘thank you’, wish them well, then go home and have some hot cocoa too.

Honestly folks, Pagan or Christian, this time of year has something for all of us. Just enjoy the time with family and friends, don’t get bent over a silly greeting. Life’s too short.