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In my article last year, “Is Matt Drudge a Bigot? Are You?“, I addressed Drudge’s persistent mislabeling of new articles and the use of images intentionally implying false or misleading context.  Well, he plied his art again today with the following image of armed people engaged in Muslim-style prayer, over the heading “AL QAEDA FIGHTERS JOIN LIBYAN REBELS”  Were they insurgents? Libyan rebels? [[Al Qaeda]]?  The images he places, after all, are rarely present in the articles linked to them.  But why show them praying?  Matt’s colors come closer into focus with each stroke of his digital brush it seems …

Even if there is a connection between the [[Muslim Brotherhood]] and Al Qaeda, why the religious angle in a secular revolution?  According to the extremists, it’s all about Allah’s will — that’s their mantra and always will be.  But they don’t run the show any more than Pat Roberston represents America when he said Katrina was God’s smiting of homosexuality in New Orleans.  The [[Jasmine Revolution]] is no more religious in nature than the [[American Revolution]] being dominantly Christian in demographics and tenor.  The Brotherhood, like Islam, is not even a cohesive organization as much as a diverse movement.  

Even so, at this point a connection is no more established than some people in the group having “ties” with Al Qaeda, meaning fighting together against common enemies in the past.  (Drudge’s headline above is basically a lie once youread the article.) And then we have Al Qaeda attempting to muster the usual sentiments of common goals to the common Arab in the streets.  What else is new?  But things evil people support ought not dictate to us what WE consider evil.  All this proves is that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is hogwash.