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After going to Red Lobster with my wife, I had to do a follow-up to my article ‘Legislation: Why Can’t Less Be More?‘.

You see, my wife ordered an alcoholic beverage, and the waitress was tediously careful to give her a black straw.  Puzzled, I inquired the reason and was told it was a policy to make it easier for inspectors to determine if they were in compliance with not serving alcohol to minors.

Apparently, some youngin’ was served an alcoholic beverage by mistake somewhere in their vast nationwide chain.  I doubt the kid was harmed, but do not doubt heads rolled.  Now they have separate stations for beverages, which makes sense, even if it’s a huge effort to avoid the rarest of mistakes.

But equally apparent is the belief that color-coding straws will somehow fix the problem, as if a wrong-colored straw could not be used just as easily as a wrong drink served.  In fact, all it will do is make it MORE difficult for an inspector to determine the situation.

The idiocy of such policies and regulations are often lost on those of us prone to emotional over-reaction, justified only by more of the same.  It needs to stop, or be stopped, by the pressure of wiser citizens, who undoubtedly will be vilified for it.  If American history was a bible, this would surely be the era of Lamentations.