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This Wildcard Wednesday brings you an infographic through MyBlogGuest.Com …

Few topics evoke such intense emotions from people than politics and dating. When you’re on a first date, standard dating advice says that along with never talking about an ex, you should avoid bringing up your political views. You don’t want to offend your date, and getting into a political debate before you’ve spent more than an hour with someone is rarely a good idea. But what happens when you begin developing serious feelings for someone? Are politics still off limits? Even further, is it possible to be in love with someone who has opposite political views as yours?

This infographic breaks down the relationship between dating, love and politics and evaluates the history and success of relationships between couples who don’t share the same political views. It also explores the behavior of online daters when it comes to sharing their political views in their online dating profiles. is a worldwide online dating site. For more dating advice and tips, check out their We Love Dates blog.

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