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I want to be rich. I want to be filthy rich. I want to have a giant money bin I can swim in holding 40 sqr acres of silver dollars, just like Scrooge McDuck. And I don’t want to share that wealth with the wasteful Federal Government so they can pass it out to lazy sorry losers who won’t work. I have to work, so should they. I have to obey the law, so should they.

This insistence on public housing, public aid, welfare, unemployment, food stamps, medicare, medicaid, social security, etc…it’s insane. I’m sorry, but people need to stop being so dependent on free hand outs that others pay for. This used to be a nation of achievers, of explorers, of independents who marched to their own drum, who tamed a continent. Today, it’s a nation of government cheese eating dependents, most of whom aren’t qualified to run a lemonade stand without expecting a bail out to pay for their sugar bill.

People choose to be fat, lazy, dependent, addicted, broke, unemployed, etc. Every negative thing in your life, you chose to have happen. “No I didn’t!” Yes. You. Did.

You chose to be fat, by choosing to eat the wrong foods, choosing to eat the wrong amounts of foods, by choosing to not get enough exercise, by choosing to not seek the advice of trained medical experts, by choosing not to take prescribed medications, and so on. Less than 5% of the population is “genetically disposed” to be fat, and the odds are, you aren’t one of them.

You chose to be an addict. You choose to keep buying a substance you know is bad for you. You choose to smoke/shoot/drink/ingest/etc. it. You choose to not have friends. You choose to drive your family away. You. Chose. It!

You Choose to be unemployed. You chose to work for that company that let you go. You chose to do the things you did that led to them firing you. You chose to not look outside your box for work. You chose it. Yes, some people lost their jobs through no fault of their own. But if that was 2 years ago, you made the choice to be unemployed now. If you chose CSI over pounding the pavement, if you chose to be picky about jobs, if you purposefully flubed an interview, if you chose to demand top dollar, and so on, you chose to be unemployed now. If you chose to live in an isolated area where jobs are rare, you chose a risky life and by that choice chose to be unemployed now.

People choose to let the government take take take because they choose to submit rather than fight. They choose TV over Education. They choose to not contact their officials. They choose to allow the dogs to run unleashed.

They chose. And we get the chaos of that choice, and those not-choices.

I choose a different path.