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This is an awesome TED Talk because it brings out a number of large lessons, ones I would suggest we apply to our own society.   For example, if we have wasted nearly all of our foreign aid efforts for developing nations, perhaps we are wasting all our federal efforts to fix local issues in the same manner.

With all this is the stark statement that is actually one of respect, namely, “if people do not wish to be helped, leave them alone.”

Also, there are economic lessons to be learned by the simple statement, “Planning is actually incompatible with an entrepreneurial society and economy.”

One further excerpt on that …

So what I’m saying is that entrepreneurship is where it’s at. We are at the end of the first industrial revolution — nonrenewable fossil fuels, manufacturing — and all of a sudden, we have systems which are not sustainable. The internal combustion engine is not sustainable. Freon way of maintaining things is not sustainable. What we have to look at is at how we feed, cure, educate, transport, communicate for seven billion people in a sustainable way. The technologies do not exist to do that. Who is going to invent the technology for the green revolution? Universities? Forget about it! Government? Forget about it! It will be entrepreneurs, and they’re doing it now.