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I’m in favor of -sensible- laws. Not “feel good” flawed laws rushed through in a panic for political purposes that don’t do anything but diminish rights.

Here’s my idea:

Fast Universal Background checks for all sales.
A nominal fee of no more than $10.
No information about type of weapon is recorded.
I would walk in, give my SSN, maybe fingerprints to a non-recordive system that would check various databases. If I come back clean, I walk out with my gun.
Should be as easy as buying beer, but more accurate.
I shouldn’t have to wait weeks, months or even years to buy a legal item I have a lawful right to own.
People can volunteer to opt in to have their prints scanned for faster checks.

Universal Open and Concealed Carry.
Anyone who wants to carry who can do so legally (ie isn’t a felon).

Abolish “Gun Free Zones”.
They do little to keep people safe. Allow businesses to restrict entry if they so like, similar to the no-shirt-no-shoes rules.

Eliminate “Permits”.
Why do I need permission to use a right? I don’t, or I shouldn’t. It’s none of the government’s business what I own.

Increase penalties for unlawful use, and unsafe handling. Include penalties for unlawful possession.
The average patrolman should be able to run anyone through the same checks as required for purchase. If there is suspicion of unlawful possession, scan fingerprints, check databases, and if they come up clean, hand gun back over and apologize for the inconvenience.

Teach basic gun awareness and safety in the schools again.
We used to do this. We need to do it again.

Increase efforts to treat mental illness, identify the mind altering drugs that keep coming up in these shooting stories and work to solve those issues.

Encourage Responsible Gun Ownership.
This means proper training, practice, safe carry, safe storage, gun is not a toy, and so on.

Remove restrictions on real military hardware up to a point.
That point is, if a SEAL can carry it, you can have it. If you can afford it, you can have it. Meaning if I have a spare 2.2 Billion kicking around, I can buy a B2 Bomber. I can own an Abrams. I can own an M60. If I mis use it, punish me. Until then, let me have it. Funny how there are so many older war planes in private hands, yet I’ve never read of a fly-by where a P-40 shot up City Hall and the Strip. I think historical precedent clearly says that you’re unlikely to see it either.
Uncle Sam can keep the nukes. There’s other issues there that the average homeowner can’t handle (like the radiation shielding)

Mandate that all new gun laws be put to public debate for a minimum of 6 months before being allowed to go to a vote.
No more “cant wait, pass at 2am” laws.