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Let me “splain” something. Leadership is about people. Bureaucracy is not. Just like it mattered far less than we think who won the election, it matters just as little if the president is impeached or not. Now I know what you’re thinking, or feeling rather — that so much hangs in the balance with immigration and climate and LGBT rights and the price of Chinese tea at Walmart. These things are important, but almost unrelated to the actual power and job description of the POTUS. We have turned any man in the oval office into a Messiah in one view, and in the other an Anti-Christ. Fighting him has become the ultimate goal and final boss of the video game that has become America in our minds. 

It’s like the whole government has become a reality show, and people are addicted to the detriment of their mental and emotional well-being.

Our obsession with heroes and villains will be the death of us, all eyes forward while we are stabbed in the back by the people really in charge. For many months now, people are talking about FBI directors and lawyers and whistleblowers like they are trading baseball cards. We never even heard of (most or all of) these people until recently and we have all sorts of opinions about who is lying and who is telling the truth.

It is the PROCESS that desperately needs reform. We forget — or don’t care — that we are playing a game rigged by others from the start, more concerned about perceived winnings than making better rules that work. That’s why even things like voting have become a feel-good symbolic gesture at most, uninformed consent at worst. We keep doing it, and armchair gladiating for this or that party or person, thinking this “participation” is effective or necessary for change.

What’s the definition of insanity again?